Jarrah Supplies - a family owned business

We offer unique hardwoods, derived from sustainable resources and decades of experience as trusted suppliers to architectural projects throughout Southern Africa.

JARRAH Flooring, Decking & Joinery

We are exclusive importers & stockists of Jarrah hardwood in rough sawn planks & veneer for joinery, as well as exterior decking.

Jarrah is as an architectural favourite across applications including stairs, tops & furniture.

This durable timber is ideal as decking, pergolas & cladding, where if left untreated, it will oxidize to a silver-grey colour.

Expertly kiln dried in Australia, Jarrah is one of the worlds’ great hardwoods.

WORMY CHESTNUT Flooring & Joinery

We import & stock Wormy Chestnut in solid wood flooring and rough sawn planks for complimentary joinery such as stairs, tops & furniture.

Wormy Chestnut is a unique hardwood species, imparting a natural yet luxurious aesthetic that is truly authentic.

This stable, kiln dried timber has a medium chestnut brown colour and characteristic feature left by forest fires, insects and gum streaks. It machines beautifully.

OAK Flooring by Hakwood

We stock a wide range of European Oak wood floors by Hakwood in both finished and unfinished formats.

Over the past decade Dutch artisans, Hakwood, have become world-renowned as industry leaders who consistently deliver a hardwood floor of immense beauty and unsurpassed quality, across key metrics.

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